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The unmistakeable smell of freshly-made coffee reawakens our senses and gives us a boost of positive energy to face the day. This is a unique feature of real Italian espresso: that intoxicating smell of freshly-ground coffee we would recognise anywhere. But what makes our coffees so special? From selection to roasting, from blending to grinding: behind every cup is attention to and passion for an art that originates in tradition, but is nourished every day by creativity and innovation in order to create an espresso with an exceptionally rich aroma. Discover Caffè Ottavo, and the incredible journey our coffee takes from the plantation to the cup in order to give us not only a drink, but a real taste experience. Dalla selezione alla tostatura, dalla miscelazione alla macinatura: dietro ogni tazzina c’è la cura e la passione per un’arte che nasce dalla tradizione, ma si nutre ogni giorno di creatività e di innovazione per ottenere un espresso dalla ricchezza aromatica eccezionale. Scopri Caffè Ottavo e il viaggio incredibile che dalla piantagione il caffè compie fino alla tazzina, per donarci non soltanto una bevanda, ma una vera esperienza di gusto.

The art of making coffee

Caffè Ottavo was created from experience in and passion for coffee roasting, an all-Italian art passed down through the generations, giving us the true “Made in Italy” espresso.

We travel all over the world in search of the best coffee varieties. From the best plantations, raw coffee beans of the Arabica and Robusta variety arrive at our facilities in Gravina, Apulia with their characteristic grassy smell, waiting to release all their flavour.

Once they are selected, the coffee varieties are blended to create a drink with the right body, aroma and flavour, but it is during the roasting process that the bean acquires its character and releases all the sensory properties that make it special.

No detail is left to chance: time is a fundamental ingredient for a perfect cup of coffee, and this is why our expert roasters have carefully studied and established the roasting times necessary to precisely determine the particular aromatic profile of Caffè Ottavo.

After roasting, the next process is grinding, which is carefully calibrated to obtain the desired length of the coffee in the cup.

Technology is also a key ingredient in our coffee production process: the primary packaging is carried out in a protected environment, with machinery that not only guarantees safety and integrity in terms of hygiene, but also helps the coffee keep its fragrance and aroma for longer.

Just one coffee, so many ways to enjoy it!

Thanks to the variety of blends and different roasting profiles of the coffee, which balance its aroma and body, we are able to offer a range of products that satisfy the tastes and habits of coffee lovers all over the world. From universal compostable pods, to ground coffee for moka pots, to capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines, available in 12 different blends.

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