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Caffè Ottavo

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As true Italians, we know that the coffee break is part of everyday life. Moments that people allows themselves to devote to their thoughts, their relationships or the planning of their future activities.

The coffee break has become, for many people, indispensable, especially during their working day, because it is a moment of relaxation that develops a sense of belonging and triggers emotions; this is why Caffè Ottavo has developed products and machines for restaurants, bars and large-scale retail trade with great taste.

Processing stages

We love our work, that’s why we take care of and manage the entire production process, from the creation of the blend to the creation of the recyclable packaging for satisfying the needs and taste of the customers.

Caffè Ottavo has the BIO certification for the coffee blends of the Bio\Organic line, which are organically grown in respect of the earth and man.

The production process starts with the selection of raw coffees of the finest varieties, imported directly from the places of origin of the suppliers.

After receiving the raw materials, they are stored and carefully analysed for quality by specialist operators.

The raw coffee is roasted in-house and subjected to a methodology developed by the master roaster.

Our formats

We can offer a wide range of coffee blends to satisfy the most demanding palates,
obtained by processing Arabica and Robusta varieties.

Selection of
Coffee beans

Selection of
ground coffee

Selection of

Selection of

Selezione di
Caffè in grani

Selezione di
Caffè macinato

Selezione di

Selezione di

Ask for a coffee solution Caffè Ottavo
for your business

Ask for a coffee solution Caffè Ottavo
for your business